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Shady Practices – 6 Things to Help Decide if an Award is Credible

When you’re an entrepreneur, there are more business awards to enter than you can shake a stick at. But there’s no doubt that winning one can skyrocket business and massively boost reputation.

Unfortunately, though, some are a sham.

In an ideal world, awards will reward the very best in an industry, not any old Joe who wants to hold a trophy. But some awards are invented by scammers. Scammers set on making a career out of preying on small business owners.

So, how do you know if an award is credible or as dodgy as Del Boy?

Here are 6 things to consider:

1. Transparent Process

A reputable awards organiser will be clear about the awards entry process.

The more detail, the better: the judging process, when they notify finalists, and the all-important final ceremony.

Rolling awards throughout the year? All a bit vague?

Steer well clear.

2. Judging Panel

Check out the judges’ credentials. Google them.

Proper, reputable awards are judged by the crème de la crème. The experts.

Not the random coffee guy.

The judges are business owners you aspire to and respect? Ker-ching!

3. Category Criteria

You can’t read the judge’s minds. That’s what I’m here for. But nonetheless, category criteria should be clearly laid out and not require a PhD to understand.

If in doubt, call the organisers. The good ones are happy to explain.

4. Award Organisers

Look for awards organised by trade organisations, magazines or professional industry bodies. Are they well organised? Or shabbier than Winter Wonderland in a derelict car park?

Do your research. Listen to the buzz.

Want a sure-fire way to know an award is legit? Look out for accreditation from the Awards Trust Mark.

5. Hidden Charges

Extras if you win will cost you a fortune when the awards are run by dodgy scammers.

Want to be in the awards brochure? Only if you cough up, my love. And the trophy too.

And some don’t even host an awards ceremony. Big. Red. Flag.

With genuine awards, you generally only pay for award ceremony tickets and sometimes a small entry fee. But there are exceptions!

Read the small print. If in doubt, ask me.

6. Quality Over Quantity

Avoid awards with unlimited categories and streams of winners.

You want to be the ONE AND ONLY WINNER, not one of many. The winner of an award that’s damn hard to get.

Shortlisted for a category you didn’t enter or one that doesn’t fit your business? Shady as fiddlesticks.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Ultimately, deciding which awards are right for your business to enter depends on your objectives.

Who do you want to impress? Do you want to increase recognition globally or nationally? Will winning reach your target customers? Or target collaborators? Or target potential employees?

Choose awards based on your strengths, and not because they’re easy to get. You want the ones that shout from the rooftops: “I’M THE VERY BEST!”

If you’re looking for an award writer who totally gets the awards industry, I can create an awards plan tailored to your business.

Book a discovery call now.


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