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Writing an award application imminently?

Book a 1:1 consultation bespoke to YOUR award and YOUR business

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    "Debbie doesn’t exaggerate your businesses strengths or misinterpret your achievements.

Debbie showcases the strengths and values of your business in an honest interpretation [...] [capturing] our businesses achievements in a way I could never have done.

- Charlotte Fogg, Director, Maria Fogg Family Law

Want to learn how?

Upcoming Masterclasses

Writing an award application isn't rocket science... when you know exactly what judges are looking for.

So whether you want to get prepped for upcoming awards in 2024 or you have an award entry calling right now, check out my FREE masterclasses below.


Coming up in 2024, I have:

Award Writing Masterclass
Specifically for those festive period deadlines! 

November 14th 
Online Session 

'How to WIN an Award in 2024' masterclass - FREE

The 3 things judges need to see

"If only I knew what they wanted?!!"

Do you find yourself scratching your head and staring at a blank screen simply willing the right words to come?

Or, do you have the opposite problem and have written an application that would make your old uni lecturer proud? Hello dissertation...

Knowing exactly what the judges are after is more than half the battle when it comes to writing entries that will make the judges hearts sing.
In fact, it's absolutely bloody crucial to getting yourself onto that podium. 🏆

Sign up to 'How to Win an Award in 2024' masterclass and let me add the winning 'oomph' to your award entry this season.

What You'll Get

Clarity over the 3 key places to focus your efforts within the application.


Sneaky tricks to making the most of your word count.


Insider info from judges’ own mouths as to what makes an application stand out.

Make sure you're the one lifting the gong this award season.

Date TBC




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And for those with         plans for...

Strategy Masterclasses

Award Strategy Masterclass

For business owners that want to hit the New Year ground running

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"Fail to plan... and you plan to fail."

I bet you've heard that before, haven't you?

But so many award applications go to waste because they are rushed, key info was never recorded, or maybe Emma (the only one with access) is in Marbella.

Don't be left stranded come spring 2024...

Find out what's needed to produce WINNING applications with my strategy masterclass.

What You'll Get

How to go about selecting the awards to enter.

What you need to be doing right now (and how).

And most importantly...

The mindset you need to have to give your all and still retain sanity. 🤪

How much easier will submitting those 2024 applications be with your ducks neatly in a row?

Date TBC





Your story is what you have, what you will always have.

It is something to own.

- Michelle Obama

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