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Writing an award application imminently?

Book a 1:1 consultation bespoke to YOUR award and YOUR business


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"Debbie is an outstanding writer.


Debbie has written many award submissions for our customers and has had great success with these. All of her submissions have been successful either to finals stage or ultimately winning the award.


She has been able to take an award brief and break down what information is required and work with the customer to get this.


She has then carefully crafted each submission to ensure that the question is answered correctly and highlights to the judges the key elements that they are looking for.


She always delivers on time and is a real pleasure to work with."

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- Vicky Matthews, co-founder,
Pink Spaghetti PA Services

"Debbie was upbeat and positive and showed a genuine interest in our business, quickly grasping our ethos, culture and USP's.


As an organisation we don't really blow our own trumpet too well, so bringing Debbie in brought a lacking skill into our armoury.


Our first application saw us shortlisted in a very competitive category. We decided to attend the awards just for the experience and actually WON!


In many areas in business, you can battle through & try your best, or you can bring an expert on board. I'd recommend the latter!"

- Director, Multi million-pound Health Company

- Paul Chisnall,
co-founder, CreativeHUT


"Debbie took on a review and evaluation of an award application and her feedback was crucial in helping me to source the necessary evidence.


When I got pressed for time, she took what info we had and finalised the written entry for us.


This got us a shortlisted for key national industry awards and resulted in us

WINNING Best Company under £3m!


This couldn’t have been done without Debbie’s help. Thank you!"

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- Director, Multi million-pound Training Consultancy

"I worked with Debbie on seriously short notice!


I was worried about lack of time and the mammoth task ahead of writing an awards entrance and not knowing where to start. Debbie was calm and helped me understand the process clearly and how to gather all the information and evidence needed.


She wrote the entrance in a clear and concise way and was able to put into words my scattered thoughts.

We became finalists and on the evening were pleased to be runner-up in our category!


This is a huge achievement which couldn't have been realised without Debbie’s support and guidance. Thank you!"

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"I came across Debbie at an award writing workshop. Listening to Debbie talk about what she does, made me realise that she is an expert in her field.


I asked her to do the write-up for two awards I was wanting to go for.  She was thorough in trying to understand my business and I felt she really understood what we do and the passion we have for our business.


Debbie was very easy to work with, very professional, a good listener and totally understood our message.  The presentation she put together on our behalf was beyond expectations and a piece I am very proud to receive


Following on from Debbie helping submit my company information for two awards, I am a finalist in both those awards


I can only thank Debbie for taking the time she took to get to know us and this showed in the piece she wrote about us.


Thank you, Debbie.

[Update: WON one category]

- Director, Regional Care Home Franchise

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I just wanted to say thank you for your words of wisdom in you award writing webinar in February.


It clearly paid off as the two awards I wrote for my company have been shortlisted for the SME Business Awards.

- Rachel Ransby, Communications Manager,
Proaction Martial Arts

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"I have entered the BiBAs (North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce) previously and been unsuccessful.


Debbie did a review of an award entry that I had written for another award and provided me with advice on how to improve these.


I followed her advice, and YayI have been shortlisted for interview in the Professional Services category.

I found Debbie’s services to be excellent – friendly and thorough.


I would recommend Debbie’s services to other businesses looking to enter awards."


- Deborah Topping, founder,
DT Information Governance

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"I’ve taken up a 6-award package with Debbie and so far, so very, very good!


She has written two submissions for me: shortlisted for the first (final upcoming) and we’ve successfully made number 39 within the top 100 list for the other. Hooray! 


I’ve written a number of entries in the past myself, but having Debbie take the whole process off my hands is a huge relief.


She knows exactly what the judges are looking for and the questions to ask (of me and my staff) to get that information. Then she writes an entry that presents us at our absolute best.


To anyone considering working with Debbie, I’d say ‘Go for it!"

[UPDATE: Won SME Customer Excellence award 2023]

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- Layla Flaherty, founder,
Urban Paws UK

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"Debbie helped me to write my application for a female business award. I have never put myself forward for any award due to the terror of writing an application.


Debbie was direct, fast at responding and professional. A pleasure to work with and helped massively to produce an application which I went on to be shortlisted as a finalist.


Thanks again Debbie."

- Ali Holmes,
Managing Director, V12 Bar

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I’d seen the EVAs and always wanted to apply but wasn’t sure I could do the entry justice.


I met Debbie on a training course and felt immediately confident she’d sell me at my best.


And she did just that. She knew exactly what the judges would want to see and how we could get it. As a result, she captured my story so much better than I could ever have done myself.


Her attention to detail is outstanding, and it resulted in my very first award entry and shortlisting!


An amazing achievement for a business as young and fledgling as mine. I’m putting a few more initiatives into place and then I’ll definitely be back for more because I want to WIN!

- Esther Olojugba, founder,
Gola Treasures

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Debbie is friendly, pleasant, and knowledgeable.


After speaking with Debbie she understood our business, our ethos and our goals. She knew what we needed to convey in our application and wrote the most amazing application for us.


She has empowered us and gave us the confidence to apply for the award by highlighting our strengths. She was easy to work with and always contactable.


Having Debbie on your team is definitely worth itWe would use her expertise again.

[Won both awards entered.]

- Charlotte Fogg, director,
Maria Fogg Family Law

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It is a measure of Debbie’s professionalism that, even though she used to work as an editor herself, she still recognises the need to have a fellow professional cast an extra pair of eyes over the award submissions she writes for her clients.

Each time I proofread one of Debbie’s pieces, I am in awe of how she manages to capture the essence of the person she is writing about, often within very constrained word limits. She has a way of manipulating language to say exactly what is needed without compromising on readability or depth of detail.

If you’re thinking of submitting an award nomination but lack the confidence to write it yourself, I heartily recommend you use Debbie to write it for you.


To be honest, even if you have the confidence, I would still suggest using Debbie to improve your chances by submitting a high-quality application.

- Melanie Cotton, founder,
Argentum Proofreading

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You were very easy to work with but also direct which is extremely needed when on a tight schedule. Your suggestions of how to change my application were spot on and really got me thinking.


The outcome was I feel [I have] a fantastic awards application which was extremely professional and something that I can definitely use again for future nominations. Your attention to detail was spot on especially when it comes to spelling of certain words which I didn't even know!


You were cheerful, warm and very enthusiastic which came across perfectly and I wouldn't hesitate to work with you again in the future. 

- Margaret Bell, founder,
Naturally Empowered Health

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I would highly recommend working with Debbie if you have to write an awards application.

She cheerfully agreed to take on this task when I was up against a fairly tight deadline! Discovering I’d been nominated with only a week to submit my acceptance paperwork, I was in a spin! But due to her organised and streamlined system for collecting all the required data, Debbie had the first draft ready in a short space of time.

She even created a Google form to request feedback from clients to help provide stats and testimonials which backed up the content of the submission.

Debbie crafted a beautifully written document which, whilst succinct and meeting the maximum word count, managed to convey so much information about me and my business.

All this was set against a background of me being on holiday with a three hour time difference. This didn’t faze Debbie and she was really flexible about receiving my emails at silly hours of the day and night!

She was a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in doing so again.

- Jo Baldwin, founder,
Dr Jo Baldwin Coaching

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‘Thank you so much for your support with my application for the Social Work Awards 2022.


The amount of work involved in the application was quite daunting for me, but with your organised and calm approach, you helped me clarify not only what I want to put in my application, but what needs to be in there.


You clearly know your stuff and have worked well to shape the information into an application that makes me feel proud of myself and my achievements.


Thank you so much.’

- Sally Smith, founder,
I'm Worried About Mum

Is it YOUR time to shine?

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is it YOUR time to shine?

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