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Awards Grab Bag- Making It Easier to Enter and WIN

Women in business, I see you!

I know it’s hard, it’s busy and awards can seem so far down the do list- it isn’t even funny.

I bet my backside you’ve found yourself scrambling at the last minute for that perfect high-res photo or polished-up logo when an award deadline is breathing down your neck.

Panic stations, right?

Well, that's exactly why when I work with female business owners to write (and strategise) their awards entries I use an Awards Grab Bag.

And today, I’m letting you in on my secret…

What’s this toolkit, you ask?

Imagine having all your essentials, neatly packed and ready to fire off at a moment’s notice. It’s your secret weapon not just to enter awards but to win them.

👋🏻 Goodbye frantically searching your email for that client testimonial or your latest community service photo.

👋🏻 Hello to having everything at your fingertips.

So, in my humble (but award winning😉) opinion- this is what I think needs to be in your own Awards Grab Bag.

✔ High-Res Logo.

✔ Professional pics. You, your stellar team and your wonderful workspace, have those high-res pics at the ready.

✔ Business and personal bios. Short, medium, and long versions because one size does NOT fit all.

✔ Case Studies. Showcasing your success stories is the absolute gold in your awards entry. Having a few in your grab bag will make it easy to pick which ones that suit each particular entry. You’re grabbing the perfect one every time without the hours of faffing to find them.

✔ Client Testimonials. All those rave reviews? Have them polished and prepped in a few different ways. Think social media graphics, raw text, videos etc. Then again you can pick which suits.

✔ Essential Marketing Materials. Keep all these bits super handy. Your mission, vision, and values statements. Think mini sections such as Who are you? What do you stand for? Who do you serve?

Creating your grab bag doesn’t need to be a marathon session.

Start small, build it up, and keep on top of it. Fortnightly/monthly check-ins will help keep it updated.

Trust me, when that right award lands in your inbox, you’ll be cool as a cucumber while everyone else is in a tizzy.

Why is this so crucial?

In the world of awards, being prepared is half the battle.

Having your Awards Grab Bag is like having a well organised carry-on case! You’re flying through security not annoying everyone behind you by practically unpacking to reach your laptop and loose perfume bottles 😂 Nobody wants to be THAT person, right?

Let’s make those award judges sit up and take notice, because why shouldn’t they? You’re phenomenal, after all, and it’s time everybody knew it.

Let’s Talk about YOUR entry for a Specific Award.


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