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5-step Prep to Blitz Awards in 2024

Awards elevate your brand, amplify your influence, and open doors to be-gillions of new opportunities.

Yet, despite the irresistible allure, so many fabulous business owners come a cropper over the same old hurdles time and time again: the juggle of the never-ending maze of award deadlines alongside your actual business, the ambiguity of choosing the right awards for YOU, and the mindblowing uncertainty of...

Where. To. Even. Begin.

So hello! 👋

I’m Debbie Tilley - an expert in awards strategy and entry writing with oodles of experience and an insurmountable passion for empowering businesses just like yours.

My Promise: after reading (and doing) these 5 steps, your award entries will become easier, slicker and less time-consuming.

So, buckle up and let’s get you ready to blitz 2024.

Step 1- Define Your Why

What is your ultimate aim when it comes to entering awards?

  • Helping a greater number of deserving customers through your fabulous service/product?

  • Top job applicants banging down your door?

Or simply:

  • An end to the questions every family event as to when you’re actually going to get a job?

Now, I love helping entrepreneurs with a deep-seated, passionate purpose. But, whatever your individual reason (no judgment here) awards are affirmations of your ability and dedication.

So make sure you use your individual ‘Why’ to select awards that will get you what you want.

Step 2- Plan for Triumph

The foundation of awards success lies in meticulous planning so:

  1. sign up for my awards newsletter to ensure you stay ahead of crucial dates and get the odd tip along the way.

  2. register for newsletters from award organisers so you can be the first to know when they open and what they’re looking for

  3. mark deadlines of awards in your diary and block off time to prepare and complete the application.

And, more than anything, know that even if that award doesn’t open until March, there’s a whole pile of stuff you can be doing right now. 

So read on, my friend…

Step 3 - Be Honest

Why should anyone give you an award?

It’s time to stand back and assess your business as objectively as you possibly can.


  • What ARE your strengths?

  • Why do customers use YOU? (And why do they keep coming back?)

  • What challenges have you overcome?

  • What do you do differently from others in your industry?

And crucially, what have you achieved in the last 12 months that makes you proud as punch?

Answering these questions are key to not only refining the categories to enter, but also to giving you a whole lot of stuff to talk about in your entry.

Step 4 - Source Your Impact

Preparing your award entry requires you to showcase your business's impact. Through statistics AND story.


  • What impact have you made? And on who?

  • What examples have you got of where you went ‘above and beyond’?

  • What testimonials do you have that illustrate our impact?

Think hard about what would be the best way to demonstrate your impact – whether that be through statistics, testimonials, or photographs of happy campers. (Hint: Most likely all three.)

Whatever it is, set about sourcing what you need NOW.

Step 4 - Dazzle Your Digital

Often forgotten and horribly neglected, your digital platforms will come under scrutiny from the judges. So make sure your last LinkedIn post was not from 2019.


  • your website is up-to-date

  • social media platforms are being used (if not, simply don’t include the links on applications and your website).

Crucially, you want your digital footprint to be reflective of your:

  • mission

  • values

  • USP.

If it isn’t: Sort. It. Out..

Will you make this commitment to yourself now?

Entering awards isn't just about the accolades. It's about strategically positioning your business for success.

And my support isn’t just about meeting deadlines. It's about crafting your narrative, amplifying your strengths, and selling you at your very best.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Let’s have a free call to discuss how I can best help you:


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