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Macmillan Cancer Support

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Fundraising ideas for Macmillan

The Client:

Macmillan Cancer Support
One of the UK's largest charities and named 3rd most popular charity in the UK in 2021. Macmillan Cancer Support's 
goal is to reach and improve the lives of everyone who has cancer in the UK.

The Experience:

I worked for Macmillan Cancer Support for 5 years within the editorial arm of the Cancer Information Development Team.

Starting as an editorial assistant (tea, anyone?), I worked my way up to Editor and eventually Content Developer.


These are the information resources you see:


  • on the Macmillan website

  • in hospital waiting rooms, and

  • in your local Boots pharmacy.

I was specifically responsible for many of the financial titles covering:


  • employment and self-employment

  • pensions

  • insurance

  • financial help and benefits

  • managing debt

  • wills and power of attorneys and much much more.

In addition, I contributed to social media and blogs on a range of topics relevant to people living with cancer, sharing some of my own experience along the way.​

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