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An unexpected opportunity that arose during the 2020 lockdown and has resulted in Training-by-Eos achieving a phenomenal pass rate of 89.7%.

Training-by-Eos is an official ‘Partner in Learning’ of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and led by ex-Chief Examiner Neil Russell.

EOS_outstanding results screenshot.png
EOS_meet the team screenshot.png

So... back to the little known lockdown I speak of…


My husband’s work in schools: cancelled. Indefinitely.



My second born: a wee 2 months old.


Double gulp.


I was unscrupulously targeted at my weakest, most vulnerable, desolate point i.e., starring down the stack of bills that were swiftly piling up by the door.


They say, ‘closed mouths don’t get fed’. It should really be ‘out-of-work copywriters don’t pay bills’.


So why was I targeted?


Due to my previous experience as a Chartered Accountant and current FCA status.


But also due to my experience as a writer.


Hell, even my stint teaching English as a Second Language has come in useful as the Training-by-Eos students are truly international.


The only career history that hasn’t proved relevant is my late 90’s stint at Sandbach Motorway Services. But I like to think of that as a steppingstone to where I am now. (Respect to Roadchef. 👊🏻)


Needless to say: I was the ideal candidate.


And so began my journey into writing mock exam papers for Training-by-Eos.

EOS_Advanced info jpeg.png

I write three mock exam papers for each sitting (twice a year) for the final case study exam at Advanced Level.


I also support students on the online communities as they attempt the exams and increasingly start to lose their minds as the final exam date approaches.


This is all done in the six-week period between the Advanced Information being released and the date of the final exam.

The deadlines are incessant and non-negotiable. You could even say it gets a little fraught.


(Neil gets my bill for root touch-ups.)

And when I'm not writing mock exam papers for stressed accountancy students...


I help with copy-editing other resources such as the 10-Year Anniversary magazine aimed at said nervous students. As the Learning and Development Manager said: ‘I’m very academic. Pleeeease sex it up and make it more appealing to our students.’

So I did. 

(You'll have to scoot over to your desktop for a glimpse of that publication as it simply wouldn't work on the mobile version.)

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