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Nicola Hageman Accountancy

NHA web copy I Debbie Tilley Copywriter
NHA blog I Debbie Tilley Copywriter

The Client:

Nicola Hageman Accountancy

Chartered Certified accountant in Bedford.


The Challenge:


The client wanted a refresh of copy on her Home and About page to attract a different target audience. She desired to move away from a client base of sole traders and market to her small limited company directors.

She also wanted technical accountancy blogs taking off her hands.

The Solution:

I rewrote the Home and About pages to incorporate Nicola's qualifications, experience and the level of service she provided to clients while ensuring she came across as approachable and friendly.

I also researched and wrote a series of blogs on technical subjects such as Vat changes post-Brexit.

Ready for the recognition and success you deserve?

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