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Helping awesome entrepreneurs up their wow through awards

Let's take you up a gear.

Does this sound like you?

You're absolutely awesome at what you do.

You're making a real tangible impact to real actual LIVES.

You want to win awards but haven't a clue where to start, OR

You've found the perfect award but haven't a clue what the judges are looking for.

You see competitors bagging awards left, right and centre. You see their businesses take off.


You know an industry award gives more prestige, more sales, more POW!



Could YOU get some of that shine too?

Sit back. Grab a cup of tea...

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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I'm Debbie

Hi, I'm Debbie




By writing award entries that have judges crying out: 'It HAS to be this one.'

I've done the big-city financial services rat race, worked national

not-for-profit editorial, helped SMEs grow a-plenty...

Now I use both sides of my brain to empower entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, ecopreneurs - movers and shakers  - to get the recognition they deserve and skyrocket their business to greater awareness, greater reach, greater success.

I know.


Squeezing your gazillion thoughts, years of experience and finely-tuned reluctance to shout your own praises into a discrete word count that'll capture a mythical panel of judges?


Judges you need to impress.

Judges you need to inspire.


Judges you need cheering you on to win.

I don't even know where to start, Debs.


But you're tired of seeing competitors beam victoriously from the stage. Tired of reading news article after news article about their nominations, their achievements and why they're so fab.


Why not you?

I get it. 

Putting yourself out there for judges to... judge... is terrifying.


What are they looking for?

What will impress them?

What will people think if you don't win?

And, heaven forbid, what if you blow it all with a single typo?


Entering awards seems so self-indulgent, Debs. Not to mention the time!

You certainly don't want to be seen as someone who thinks they're better than they are.

But you do want to help your clients.


More clients. You want to increase your reach and attract...


Different clients?


Top industry talent perhaps?


Prestigious partners to get that dream project finally off the ground?

Or maybe you're after investors? Buyers for you business?


Hell, you're planning to retire some day, right? And an award-winning company is surely worth more than a non-award-winning company.

In fact, you want a lot of things.

But more than anything, you want your business to be a resounding success.

YOU want to be a success.


Top level actualisation.

You want to be everything you know you can be.


That means having reputation.


The respect of your peers.


The trust of your clients.



And that's where I come in.

Tell me everything. And leave the rest to me.

Let's notch it up a gear.


Why you, Debs?

Untitled design (57).png

Experience writing (and winning) regional, national and international awards

Icon of a rocket shooting up into space

Absolute dedication to helping awesome entrepreneurs skyrocket their business

The analytical brain of an accountant combined with the storytelling skills of a total word nerd


Knowledge of exactly what the judges are looking for (and are NOT looking for)

Oh don't use big words. They mean so little..png

Commitment to making the process as easy for you as possible


With 80% of award entries resulting in nomination or win.

"Debbie is an outstanding writer.


Debbie has written many award submissions for our customers and has had great success with these. All of her submissions have been successful either to finals stage or ultimately winning the award.


She has been able to take an award brief and break down what information is required and work with the customer to get this.


She has then carefully crafted each submission to ensure that the question is answered correctly and highlights to the judges the key elements that they are looking for.


She always delivers on time and is a real pleasure to work with."

- Vicky Matthews, founder,
Pink Spaghetti PA Services

Are you ready to:

Let the world know just how awesome you are?

Have your dream clients / collaborators / investors battering down your door?


Relieve yourself of award writing torture and get back to doing what you do best?

Win. Some. Awards.


If YOU'RE ready to take your business up a gear,
jump on a call.